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We often get asked this question. It’s because we focus on the individual student and not a classroom of students. The largest ACT/SAT score increases are seen when ACT/SAT prep is customized for the individual student. This is also why a baseline test is so effective. Our ACT/SAT practice test score reports are used as a student diagnostic. 

The ACT/SAT tutor will hone in on the specific needs for the individual. The diagnostic report reveals trends such as pacing and themes among certain question types. On the SAT reading section, the student may have the most trouble with command of evidence. For the ACT math section, it might be quadratic equations that need the most attention. Our ACT/SAT tutors will come to students’ homes on weekdays or weekends.

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Comparing SAT Scores to ACT Scores

Students that take both the SAT and ACT can compare scores to see which test they’re scoring higher on. Some students will find that they’re actually scoring higher on one test over the other. We recommend that students take official SAT and official ACT practice tests. This means, taking a test created by the College Board or the ACT. We offer full-length mock practice tests in a group setting. Students that take both a mock SAT and ACT, with us, will receive an individualized comparison chart. This document accompanies the student’s SAT and ACT baseline reports. We determine which test is better, SAT or ACT, by comparing scores using a concordance table. We also ask the student how he or she felt about the tests: pacing, timing, comfortability, testing format, question types, ACT science versus SAT no-calculator math, essay section, etc. 

The ideal time to take full-length practice SAT and ACT tests are fall of junior year. If the family can find time during the summer months, then the summer going into junior year works well too. Juniors usually take their first official test during the winter or spring. Once a test is decided upon, SAT or ACT, a customized test prep plan is put in place, based upon the student’s strengths and weaknesses. If an action plan is put together during the fall of junior year then the student can prep for an official winter or spring test. The amount of prep needed is determined by the difference in the student’s SAT or ACT scores, compared to the interested schools’ middle 50% SAT and ACT scores. In addition, test prep programs need to be catered to the individual and his or her academic background. Is remedial work needed for math or grammar? Does the student receive standardized testing accommodations? Is the student currently enrolled in Algebra II or Trigonometry (taking a spring test might be better)?  

By using the chart below, you can decide which test is better for you. 

SAT Scores Versus ACT Scores - Concordance

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FREE College Planning & SAT Prep Workshops

For Parents and Students

Your College Planning Coach and Vint Hill Educational Services will hold workshops on Saturday, April 1st (Richmond VA) and Saturday, April 29th (Manassas Park VA), from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Both parents and students are welcome to attend. The parent workshop will go over college planning information. The student workshop will focus on SAT prep for the math and reading/writing sections. 

FREE Parent Workshop
- Help with scholarships and financial aid
- When to start planning for college
- How school selection can save you money
- Proven tools to guide career and school choice
- How to navigate through the application process
- And much more!

FREE Student Workshop
- Learn SAT tips, tricks, and strategies
- Understand the SAT format, timing, and structure
- Introduction to the SAT math, SAT reading, and SAT writing sections
- Work through sample problems with the teacher
- Comparison to ACT

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New SAT Math Strategies

1.    Focus on a single question – Take it easy and relax. Don’t worry about the next 20 questions. You may feel the need to rush and that’s normal. If you’re patient, you will work faster and produce better results. 

2.    Utilize a two-pass approach – Answer all questions that you can on your first pass through. Each question is weighted the same point. Don’t let one question eat up your time. Circle the question and move on to the next. Tip: The first set of grid-in questions is easier than the last handful of multiple-choice questions. If you’re having trouble, go ahead and skip to the grid-in questions. On your second pass, go back to the first question you circled. Use everything in your math toolbox. Answer the ones that you’re most comfortable with first. Within the last 30 seconds, answer the remaining multiple-choice questions and write down an answer for the grid-in questions. Remember, there is no point deduction for incorrect answers! 

3.    Use the process of elimination – Look to eliminate answer choices and you’ll have a better chance in getting the question correct. Consider values in the problem and use logic to your advantage. 

4.    Draw in your test book – Test booklets include extra white space. Use the space around the problem and to the sides. Write down steps, draw a chart, label the sides of shapes, and strike out incorrect answers. You can even rewrite important numbers or phrases. This helps reduce careless mistakes and justifies answers. 

5.    Don’t erase computations in your test book – This is a waste of time. Just cross out calculations that you no longer want to consider. This is faster than trying to erase with your pencil, especially if you’ve written out a lengthy formula.

6.    Information that is irrelevant – On occasion, you’ll find that a certain SAT math question contains information that is not required. This piece of information doesn’t have anything to do with solving the problem. This can make students second guess themselves. If you’ve solved the problem without using the piece of information in question; chances are that you’ve solved the problem correctly. Put a star or X next to information that may not be required.  

7.    Re-check your work, but do it efficiently – Perform a quick spot check after each section. It’s better to do this at the end of each problem then at the end of the entire section. The SAT contains “attractor answers” that lure students into picking a false answer. They seem correct to the student because the student doesn’t fully understand the problem. Tip: Use your calculator to verify the answer. Plug in the answer to see if it fits into the equation. Make sure you answered the question completely and not just a step in finding the correct answer. 

8.    Turn algebraic expressions into solid numbers – Most of the SAT math problems can be solved by picking select numbers for certain variables. It’s useful to know what types of questions can be solved this way. This approach works well with problems where the answers are variables. When you pick your own numbers, you’ll be able to turn algebraic expressions into solid numbers. For example, a problem that involves minutes or seconds, try utilizing the number 60.  

9.    Plug in answer choices – Plugging in numbers is a useful SAT math strategy. Try solving a problem in the reverse direction, by plugging in the provided answer choices. Doing so, will help tackle the more difficult questions. Plugging in is also beneficial on word problems. 

10.    Don’t forget about your calculator – Your calculator is only allowed on one of the two SAT math sections. About half of the questions on the calculator allowed section really require one. The calculator will find graphing points for you and take care of fractions. The best calculators approved by the College Board will let you compute trigonometric functions and setup graphing plots. Check the College Board website calculator policy section for more details. 

11.    Grid-in questions – There are 13 total grid-in questions on the redesigned SAT. Grid-in questions progress from easy to difficult. Students should always answer the easier grid-ins before attempting the more difficult grid-ins. Make sure the "ovals" are filled in correctly. Grid-in answers will never be a negative number. Some grid-in questions have more than one correct answer. The student must enter in mixed numbers as improper fractions or decimals. Always start with the far left grid-in column! 

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Average SAT Scores for 2014-2015 School Year

Here are the 2014-2015 average SAT scores for the United States. These are for the official SAT administrations held October through June.

2015 average scores: 
Average overall score: 1490 (down 7 points from 2014) 
Reading: 495 (down 2 points from 2014)
Math: 511 (down 2 points from 2014) 
Writing: 484 (down 3 points from 2014) 

2015 average scores by gender:
Males – 497
Females – 493
Males – 527
Females – 496
Males – 478
Females – 490

2015 average scores by ethnicity: 
American Indian or Alaska Native: 1423
Asian, Asian-American, or Pacific Islander: 1654
African-American: 1277
Mexican or Mexican-American: 1343
Puerto Rican: 1357
Latin-American, Central-American, South-American, or Other Latino: 1345
White: 1576
Other: 1496

In the fall of 2014, 3.8 million students took the PSAT/NMSQT, up from 3.7 million in 2013. A record 1.7 million students from the class of 2015 took the SAT, compared to 1.67 million students from the graduating class of 2014. A little over 712,000 students, which is 42% of SAT takers in the class of 2015, reached the SAT college and career readiness benchmark.

With the upcoming redesigned SAT, these numbers will look significantly different next year. Reading and writing will be combined into one section. The overall scale score will be going back to the 400-1600 point scale. 

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The Best ACT and SAT Prep Program: Fredericksburg VA - Stafford VA - Spotsylvania VA

ACT and SAT test prep specialists serve the Fredericksburg VA, Stafford VA, Spotsylvania VA, Culpeper VA, Bealeton VA, and Warrenton VA areas.

The largest ACT/SAT score increases are seen when ACT/SAT prep is customized for the individual student. This is also why a baseline test is so effective. Our ACT/SAT practice test score reports are used as a student diagnostic. 

The ACT/SAT tutor will hone in on the specific needs for the individual. The diagnostic report reveals trends such as pacing and themes among certain question types. On the SAT reading section, the student may have the most trouble with command of evidence. For the ACT math section, it might be quadratic equations that need the most attention. It is important to retest the student periodically, in order to reassess strengths and weaknesses. The ACT/SAT prep program should revolve around the student, as he or she grows throughout the prep program. When we see scores suddenly spike in the main area of focus, it means attention must be switched back to the new lowest scoring section.

Our ACT/SAT tutors will come to your home on weekdays or weekends. ACT/SAT prep is available throughout the Fredericksburg VA area. Vint Hill Educational Services ACT/SAT tutors reside in: Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Sumerduck, Aquia Harbour, Chancellorsville, Storck, Massaponax, Leavells, and many more!   

Here’s one of our ACT prep students that went up 3 ACT composite points, after only 6 sessions of one-to-one prep. English went up 2 points, math shot up 4 points, reading increased by 3 points, and science jumped up 3 points. 

ACT Prep Fredericksburg VA - SAT Prep Fredericksburg VA - ACT Tutor Fredericksburg VA - SAT Tutor Fredericksburg VA - ACT Prep Stafford VA - SAT Prep Stafford VA - ACT Tutor Stafford VA - SAT Tutor Stafford VA - ACT Prep Spotsylvania VA - SAT Prep Spotsylvania VA - ACT Tutor Spotsylvania VA - SAT Tutor Spotsylvania VA

What makes our ACT and SAT prep program unique?
•    We offer free ACT and SAT diagnostic testing
•    We don’t charge a registration fee, testing fee, or tutor finder fee
•    We only use official ACT and SAT practice tests
•    Our ACT and SAT prep program is one-to-one for customized support
•    Prep books, weekly homework assignments, and full-length practice tests are included
•    Parents receive access to our online parent portal where they can review tutor session notes
•    All of our test prep tutors take an ACT and SAT before being hired
•    Our tutors have the minimum of a bachelor’s degree 

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SAT Prep: Northern VA – Fredericksburg VA – Richmond VA – Charlottesville VA

Let us help prepare you for the new SAT! The redesigned SAT will launch with the first official administration on March 5, 2016

Prior to being hired, our test prep tutors take sections from the redesigned SAT. We can guarantee they know the content! They are taught new SAT test-taking tips and strategies as well. Our SAT prep program includes three new SAT books, weekly assignments, and full-length practice tests.  Each session is one-to-one and can take place in the student’s home. Parents receive tutor session notes through an online parent portal. 

SAT Changes
•    4 multiple-choice answers instead of 5 (Similar to ACT, except for Math) 
•    Elimination of the ¼ point deduction (ACT doesn’t deduct points for answering incorrectly) 
•    5 sections instead of 10 (ACT is 5 sections also – including essay)
•    New 50 minute essay and moved to the end (ACT essay is at the end) 
•    Reading & Writing reverting back to combined 200-800 scale
•    Total score on 400-1600 point scale (Math: 200-800 / Reading & Writing: 200-800)
•    Introduction of NO calculator allowed math section
•    Elimination of sentence completions on Reading
•    Heavy focus on Algebra (about 35%) and word problems; Geometry now less than 10% (ACT is about 30% Algebra) 
•    Trigonometry has been added (ACT already contains Trigonometry)
•    History and Science cross-test scores are added (ACT has a Science section and adds STEM scores to reports) 
•    Total test time including essay is 5 minutes longer than old SAT; now 3 hours and 50 minutes (ACT is 3 hours and 35 minutes)  
•    The experimental section has been eliminated

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