SAT Prep: Northern VA – Fredericksburg VA – Richmond VA – Charlottesville VA

Let us help prepare you for the new SAT! The redesigned SAT will launch with the first official administration on March 5, 2016

Prior to being hired, our test prep tutors take sections from the redesigned SAT. We can guarantee they know the content! They are taught new SAT test-taking tips and strategies as well. Our SAT prep program includes three new SAT books, weekly assignments, and full-length practice tests.  Each session is one-to-one and can take place in the student’s home. Parents receive tutor session notes through an online parent portal. 

SAT Changes
•    4 multiple-choice answers instead of 5 (Similar to ACT, except for Math) 
•    Elimination of the ¼ point deduction (ACT doesn’t deduct points for answering incorrectly) 
•    5 sections instead of 10 (ACT is 5 sections also – including essay)
•    New 50 minute essay and moved to the end (ACT essay is at the end) 
•    Reading & Writing reverting back to combined 200-800 scale
•    Total score on 400-1600 point scale (Math: 200-800 / Reading & Writing: 200-800)
•    Introduction of NO calculator allowed math section
•    Elimination of sentence completions on Reading
•    Heavy focus on Algebra (about 35%) and word problems; Geometry now less than 10% (ACT is about 30% Algebra) 
•    Trigonometry has been added (ACT already contains Trigonometry)
•    History and Science cross-test scores are added (ACT has a Science section and adds STEM scores to reports) 
•    Total test time including essay is 5 minutes longer than old SAT; now 3 hours and 50 minutes (ACT is 3 hours and 35 minutes)  
•    The experimental section has been eliminated

Contact us for customized one-to-one SAT prep! We serve students in the following areas: Northern VA, Richmond VA, Fredericksburg VACharlottesville VA, and Charlotte NC.