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Our tutoring service covers the Charlottesville VA and Albemarle County area: Keswick, Shadwell, Rio Heights, Barracks Rugby, Proffit, Earlysville, Forest Lakes, Crozet, Free Union, and others. One-to-one in-home tutoring for your student. Tutoring can occur on weekdays, weeknights, or weekends. Our tutors will come to your home or meet at a local library. We hand-pick a tutor based on learning style, personality, location, schedule, and student needs. Our tutors must pass content specific diagnostic tests before being hired. 

We offer the following tutoring services in the Charlottesville VA area: SAT prep, ACT prep, PSAT prep, SSAT prep, ISEE prep, HSPT prep, SAT Subject Tests, Pre-Algebra, Algebra tutoring, Geometry tutoring, Trigonometry tutoring, Pre-calculus tutoring, Statistics tutoring, Calculus tutoring, Biology tutoring, Physics tutoring, Chemistry tutoring, English tutoring, Reading tutoring, Writing tutoring, Spanish tutoring, History tutoring, and Academic Coaching. 

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