Vint Hill Educational Services was founded in order to bring individualized tutoring services to certain areas of Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. We are a small family-owned tutoring organization with roots in Northern VA and NC.  

Frequently asked questions

How we do test prep the right way

Our company was founded by a former private education director. We've created a much better alternative to learning centers that aren't customized to the student's individual needs. We focus on families who are looking for a higher level of customer service and who would benefit from one-to-one instruction. We offer test prep tutoring, subject-based tutoring, academic coaching, college readiness, and mock testing services. Over 50% of our tutors have a master's level degree or higher.


Benefits of Purchasing a Tutoring Package:

  • No registration, enrollment, or tutor finder fees

  • Only one invoice to pay (eliminates the hassle of paying weekly and monthly invoices)

  • Tiered discounts for those needing long-term help (other companies that bill weekly or monthly don't offer discounts)

  • After analyzing student data, we've found that the average student meets with his or her tutor 16 times per school year

  • For test prep packages: all prep books, flashcards, practice tests, homework assignments, and diagnostic score reports are included

  • Sessions purchased through a package won't expire for one year

  • Unused sessions are refundable or can be used for other subjects

  • Our parent portal keeps track of package hours used, hours remaining, tutor session notes, tutor contact info, a session calendar, and automatic session email reminders

  • If you need a few extra additional sessions, there is no need to buy another package


Here's what parents are saying:

“I wanted to let you know that we received Jimmy's ACT scores and we’re very pleased with the composite score of 31. I think that number far exceeds his goal, so we are thrilled. Thanks for sending us a wonderful tutor. She was fabulous with him and they had a great connection.” - Samantha T. (Manassas, VA)

"Catherine and I are on a trip visiting colleges this week. However, she received her score over the weekend for the March 10 SAT, 1480 (710 verbal, 770 math). We are very happy, as her score went up 180 points from her first SAT last November! Thanks to VHES, to Michael, and especially to Rakhee! We have already recommended VHES to a friend of ours!" - Caroline H. (Warrenton, VA)

“WOW Colton scored a 31 on his ACT that’s up 5 points from the first time!!! We are so thankful for Vint Hill and Steve. Colton had the honor to texting Steve with those results!!” - Karen C. (Jeffersonton, VA)

"Thank you so much for your help with SSAT prep. We were VERY pleased with Jessica she was terrific." - Travis S. (Gaithersburg, MD)

"Both of the tutors you sent us are super and I think things are going very well. Liam is working through his homework SAT prep homework assignments and I feel like this is going to be a great fit for him." - Deb N. (Bristow, VA)

"We had a wonderful ACT test prep tutor that worked with Maddy. Her math score shot up 8 composite points to a 31! She’s so excited now!" - Vickie Z. (Richmond, VA)

"I cannot thank you enough for all your fantastic help for our daughter. Her ACT score went up to a 34! The biggest jump was Science (24 to 34) and math went up 26 to 30. English was 36 and reading was 35. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help. Please feel free to use us as a reference." - Read V. (Warrenton, VA)

"Kelly got her SAT scores back today for her first go at the real thing, and oh my gosh, we got a Christmas 2016 miracle!!! She got a 1210!!! Holy cow!! She got a 610 on Reading!! And a 600 on Math! We are so thankful for your SAT prep program. What a relief to have a solid score as her first real one. Kelly will continue and we hope to see more improvement in March and then again in June." - Nikki W. (Glen Allen, VA)

"Madison went up 380 points on the SAT. OMG! She really clicked with Jenny, and your program worked! It took 4 months, but she did it, even with her learning challenges. I'll admit, I was hesitant at first, but so happy now." - Holly D. (Richmond, VA)

"Masai is really taking to the tutoring experience. This is our first time hiring a tutor, and it will not be our last. Briana has helped him with math; she has been responsive to his strengths and challenges and has adjusted her thinking and strategy to accommodate him. He feels prepared for the HSPT in December, and has thoroughly enjoyed his sessions with Briana. His sessions, particularly in math, have actually also helped him in his classwork as well. We are very happy with our Vint Hill Educational Services experience. Thank you." - Allison B. (Washington, DC)

“We are very happy with our daughter’s SAT scores. The tutor brought out the best in her. Thanks to Vint Hill ES!” - Alice F. (Gainesville, VA)

"Thanks for providing excellent service! The tutor you hand-picked for us was amazing. The connection was there from the start and seeing Jenny's SAT scores go up really made her year. I will definitely recommend your SAT test prep services to others." - Sally S. (Middleburg, VA)

"Our tutor is amazing. She has a teaching background in Special Education along with a Master's degree in Special Ed. This was a huge plus! Our son is doing SSAT prep and he receives several testing accommodations. It's nice having someone that understands his challenges and can coach him accordingly." - Stephanie G. (Washington, DC)

"I would like to give a positive comment about our SSAT and ISEE prep tutor. Omar has been really flexible and laid back. I just want you to know how much I appreciate his flexibility. It is rare in this area, and in this day and age, to have someone to work with who so relaxed, yet extremely focused and professional like Omar!" - Gabrielle S. (McLean, VA)

"My son really enjoyed working with his tutor. He took the SAT in March and his reading score was lower than expected. He worked with a tutor from late March until the last week in May. We received his scores at the end of June and saw a 230 point increase! I've recommended Vint Hill Educational Services to my friends and neighbors." - Tammy N. (Haymarket, VA)

"My daughter was unable to make one of the free group practice tests. Instead, Vint Hill Educational Services mailed us a free SAT practice test. I took her to the library on a Saturday afternoon to take the test. We sent the answer sheet back for scoring and found out that she really needed help with the critical reading section. She completed the 12 session package and her reading scores went up 280 points!" - Jill M. (Fredericksburg, VA)

“My daughter improved her Geometry quiz and test scores from C's to A's. We are all thrilled with the results and she feels so great to have accomplished her goal.” - Peter D. (Leesburg, VA)

"Our son was looking to attend Bishop Ireton or Potomac School. He was applying for entry into 9th grade. Admissions said he had to take a HSPT for one and a SSAT for the other. We decided on a test prep package for HSPT tutoring and SSAT tutoring. He learned more than we could of imagined, like how guessing on one test is different from the other, thank you!" - Beth A. (Ashburn, VA)

"It went great!! Briana is awesome and she is exactly what I expected / hoped for. Shannon feels this will be very, very helpful to her." - Michelle K. (Amissville, VA)

"By the way, Briana is wonderful. She is smart, kind, caring and has a wonderful way of connecting with my son and helping him learn." - Lisa L. (Doswell, VA)

"We were so happy to get an amazing SAT prep tutor from you guys! Having John come to the home when Alex was not playing soccer was so important. Sundays were the only days Alex was available and John made it work. Thanks again!" - Annie F. (McLean, VA)

"Tommy learned a lot from his SSAT prep sessions with Clark. Clark was kind and warm, yet kept Tommy motivated. We found out last week that Tommy got accepted to Maret School, Landon School, and Potomac School. Thanks for setting us up with Clark!" - Bonnie W. (Great Falls, VA)

"Katie enjoyed her SAT tutoring program with Catherine. She was hesitant at first about the whole in-home SAT prep thing, but they clicked right away and Katie came away with more tips than ever before. She did a group class last year, however, the one-to-one program was a better fit and we saw better score increases." - Doug J. (Falls Church, VA)

"Great experience working with Vint Hill Educational Services. It's nice to work with a tutoring service that actually cares. My wife and I liked how we would receive the tutor's notes from the session. We felt kept in the loop at all times. We used reading, Geometry, and Spanish tutoring for our two kids, and recommended the tutoring service to neighbors." Gerald M. (Fairfax, VA)

"Jack learned how to manage the effects that executive functioning has on his learning style and homework routine. Our tutor is responsive and has a positive upbeat attitude. I don’t know what we would do without her!" - Amy W. (Warrenton, VA)

"Our tutor is able to help Matthew with math and breakdown practice test work in a manageable way. Matthew has been having trouble with math so the fit is perfect. Thank you!" - Patti S. (Centreville, VA)

"We really enjoyed our experience. Our son took a practice ACT with Vint Hill Educational Services. Upon reviewing the diagnostic report, we found out his ACT math score was a 16. All of his other scores were above 20. We had a wonderful ACT test prep tutor that worked with Jeremy solely on the math section. His math score shot up 9 points to a 25! We are tremendously thankful." - Susan J. (Stafford, VA)

"It was wonderful to have a tutor that could relate so well to James. We needed someone that was fond of computers and was 'in the know' when it came to technology. I think Pete won him over early on and from there the SAT prep worked out to be fantastic. 220 point increase, even though it took all summer long ; )" - Bernadette R. (Charlotte, NC)

"We really love Doreen! What an amazing tutor she was, thank you so much. Katie is so happy that she's applying to all the top NC schools, we all know her dad wants Duke for her. 32 ACT composite score - excellent prep!" - Tina P. (Raleigh, NC)

"Jackie did 12 sessions for the new SAT. It was a good SAT prep course that fit her needs. The one-to-one made her feel relaxed and not pressured. They mailed us a new SAT testing packet for free. Her math score was 140 points lower. After 12 sessions, she went up 200 points in math on the new SAT. Recommend this SAT prep course!" - Margaret W. (Glen Allen, VA)

"Excellent SAT prep tutoring service. We saw a 300 point increase (170 math and 130 reading), and Beth got accepted to Virginia Tech! The one-to-one SAT prep tailored to her needs was a perfect fit." - Darla M. (Richmond, VA)

"Good experience...our 8th grade son had an amazing HSPT tutor that focused on verbal and reading. His HSPT prep program was customized based on his practice test results. The tutor focused on what he actually needed help on." - Bill T. (Arlington, VA)

About our tutors: Each tutor is interviewed one-to-one and in-person. Tutor candidiates must submit references and go through a criminal background check. Our tutors must take subject specific tests to demonstrate their content knowledge. Tutors also go through a training program and ongoing support is provided. A bachelor's degree is required in order to tutor with us. Interested in becoming a tutor? Email a cover letter describing your experience and a resume to: