ACT Writing

ACT Announces Changes to Score Reports

Writing Test

Starting with the September 10th ACT test, the writing test score will be on a 2–12 score range. This will have changed from the previous 1-36 scale. The remaining sections, English, math, reading, and science will continue to use the 1-36 scale. The newly created scale for the writing test has been designed to be less confusing for both students and parents. The format of the writing test remains unchanged and the section is still optional. The student essays will still be scored by two independent readers, using the same rubric to grade on four domains: ideas and analysis, development and support, organization, and language use and conventions. 

Enhanced Reporting

The ACT score reports are being redesigned to look more attractive and be easier to navigate. Click here to view a sample new ACT score report. The new reports will be used for the September 10th test. These updates include:

  • An in-depth set of reporting criteria that will replace subject test subscores 
  • ACT readiness will help students understand what they need to work on 
  • Utilizing more graphics to help understand visual elements and indicators in order to clearly see the student's performance 
  • ACT STEM college readiness benchmark, which highlights the potential for success in STEM related college classes
  • The interest-major fit level score, will depict whether students’ interests coincide with their college major 
  • Career connector, which highlights students’ work-related interests and reveals career paths

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