SAT writing prep Charlotte NC

SAT Writing and Language Test Breakdown

•    35 minutes 

•    44 questions
•    4 passages
•    Multiple-choice

•    You receive 1 raw point for a correct answer
•    You lose nothing for answering incorrectly
•    Your raw score is calculated by tallying the raw points
•    The raw score is converted to a scale score from 10-40, known as the Writing and Language test score
•    The Writing and Language test score is combined with your Reading test score to produce an overall Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section score from 200-800
•    Sub-scores are also included on a 1-15 scale for the following: Words in Context, Command of Evidence, Expression of Ideas, and Standard English Conventions
•    Some of the sub-scores will actually count for two cross-test scores: Analysis in Science and Analysis in History/Social Studies
•    In the end, college admissions offices will put a greater emphasis on the 200-800 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section score

Standard English Conventions
•    Conventions of usage
•    Sentence structure
•    Conventions of punctuation
Expression of Ideas
•    Development
•    Organization
•    Effective language use

Two Content Areas
Standard English Conventions
•    20 questions
•    Conventions of usage: pronoun clarity, possessive determiners, agreement, frequently confused words, logical comparison
•    Sentence structure: sentence boundaries, subordination and coordination, parallel structure, modifier placement, shifts in verb tense, mood, voice, pronoun person and number
•    Conventions of punctuation: end-of-sentence, within-sentence, possessive, items in series, nonrestrictive and parenthetical, unnecessary
Expression of Ideas
•    24 questions
•    Development: proposition, support, focus, quantitative information
•    Organization: logical sequence, introduction, conclusions, transitions
•    Effective language use: precision, concision, style and tone, syntax
•    Questions will follow the order of the passage
•    Unlike the SAT math section, the questions do not progress in level of difficulty
•    The student must read 4 essays that are about the same length
•    Every essay has 11 questions about style, grammar, and strategy
•    The essays range in topic and understanding: from 9th grade to college-level essays
•    One passage in each of the following: careers, history, humanities, and science
•    Types of passages: 1 nonfiction, 1-2 explanatory, 1-2 argumentative


SAT Writing Tips

  1. Focus on one passage at a time
  2. Each passage of 11 questions should be finished within 8 minutes
  3. Answer the easier questions first and focus on one question at a time
  4. Patience is what allows you to work more quickly and accurately
  5. Use the two-pass approach for each passage
  6. Use the process of elimination
  7. Once you’ve eliminated an answer, cross it out in the test booklet
  8. Shorter is always better! The SAT prefers writing that is precise and concise
  9. A question will never test more than two errors
  10. “No Change” is usually the answer ¼ of the time it appears as an answer choice
  11. Don’t find errors where none exist
  12. The keys to the correct answer often lie within the question
  13. Anticipate the answer and come up with it on your own
  14. Questions about the main idea, author’s intent, or purpose, will often require reading the entire paragraph or beyond it

Do you need some help with the SAT writing section? Call us to find out how we can help! 

Spring 2018 Mock ACT/SAT Classes - Charlotte NC

Vint Hill Educational Services offers mock testing for the ACT and SAT. These administrations are hosted in the Charlotte NC area. We supply the test booklet, essay booklet, answer sheet, testing timer, extra pencils, and a proctor. Students will need to bring: a calculator, two No. 2 pencils, snacks, and a drink. 

Each student receives a 9 page diagnostic report using our test scoring software. We only use official ACT and SAT practice tests. Students that take both an ACT and SAT will receive a student scores comparison chart. This will reveal which test the student is scoring higher on, ACT or SAT.
Charlotte NC area: Click here to register for a mock ACT or SAT
ACT - 03/03/2018 & 05/12/2018
SAT - 02/03/2018 & 04/21/2018

View our sample ACT/SAT diagnostic reports and student scores comparison chart: 
ACT report -
SAT report -
Student ACT vs. SAT chart -

For those that have only taken a PSAT or SAT, a practice ACT is a must, and we can compare the results to see which test the student is scoring higher on. 

Mock ACT/SAT Registration
Phone: 704-412-4004
$25 for 1 test (ACT or SAT) 
$40 for 2 tests (ACT and SAT)
ACT/SAT diagnostic and comparison chart will be emailed to parents. 

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the ACT or SAT. 

Best ACT Prep & SAT Prep: Charlotte, NC


We often get asked this question. It’s because we focus on the individual student and not a classroom of students. The largest ACT/SAT score increases are seen when ACT/SAT prep is customized for the individual student. This is also why a baseline test is so effective. Our ACT/SAT practice test score reports are used as a student diagnostic. 

The ACT/SAT tutor will hone in on the specific needs for the individual. The diagnostic report reveals trends such as pacing and themes among certain question types. On the SAT reading section, the student may have the most trouble with command of evidence. For the ACT math section, it might be quadratic equations that need the most attention. It is important to retest the student periodically, in order to reassess strengths and weaknesses. The ACT/SAT prep program should revolve around the student, as he or she grows throughout the prep program. When we see scores suddenly spike in the main area of focus, it means attention must be switched back to the new lowest scoring section.

Our ACT/SAT tutors will come to your home on weekdays or weekends. ACT/SAT prep is available throughout Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.     

Here’s one of our ACT prep students that went up 5 ACT composite points, after only 6 sessions of one-to-one prep. English went up 3 points, math shot up 7 points, reading increased by 6 points, and science jumped up 4 points. 

ACT Student Score Increase.jpg