Our daughter enjoyed her ISEE prep program. The tutor kept her engaged and was personable. They discussed schools and score goals for each section; the pacing strategies helped too!
— Gail C. (Herndon, VA)

ISEE Format and Structure

Verbal – 20 minutes (40 questions)
Quantitative – 35 minutes (37 questions)
5 minute break
Reading – 36 questions (35 minutes)
Math – 47 questions (40 minutes)
5 minute break
Essay – 30 minutes (students are given a single prompt) 

Most schools that accept the SSAT also accept the ISEE. However, it is best to check with the admissions office. As of August 2016, all students will have the option to test once in each of three four-month-long testing windows; students can now test up to three times in a 12-month admission cycle. This differs from the SSAT, whereas students can register for all national testing dates and a flex test. There are no national ISEE testing dates. Tests are setup through approved testing site member schools. Students may take the ISEE at approved ERB member school test sites, Prometric locations, or at ERB’s main New York City office. The ISEE is similar to the SSAT and contains the same number of sections. On the verbal section, the ISEE tests in-context vocabulary where the SSAT tests analogies. They both test out-of-context vocabulary. The ISEE doesn’t assign a score to the essay; this is just like the SSAT. Instead, the ISEE essay is sent directly to the schools the student is applying to. One main difference between the ISEE and the SSAT is that the ISEE doesn’t penalize for guessing. There is no point deduction for answering a question incorrectly. The ISEE is viewed as a more straightforward and content-driven test. The SSAT wants the student to think more creatively and attempt non-standard word problems, analogies, and reading passages. The ISEE allows the student to wear a dress watch and the SSAT does not allow any watches. We include ISEE diagnostic reports as part of our ISEE prep program.  


The ISEE tests verbal reasoning, vocabulary, reading comprehension, math, quantitative, and writing skills. A student that takes the ISEE will receive percentile ranks compared to other students in the same grade. The ISEE report also includes stanine scores between one and nine. The verbal section tests synonyms and sentence completions. The math and quantitative sections include four answer choices, unlike the SSAT that contains five answer choices. The quantitative section tests higher order thinking and interpretation. The math section tests computation and application. Another major difference between the ISEE and SSAT, is that the SSAT only reports one math score and the ISEE reports two math scores. We offer ISEE prep for the middle level and upper level test. The ISEE middle level test is for 6th and 7th graders. The ISEE upper level test is for 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.

We offer ISEE prep throughout the Washington DC areaNorthern VA area, Richmond VA area, Fredericksburg VA areaCharlottesville VA area, and Charlotte NC. We will have an ISEE tutor come to your home for one-to-one instruction. We will review previous ISEE practice test scores or official ISEE scores to determine the area of focus. We can also email out an ISEE practice test to take at home and provide an analysis for a customized ISEE prep program.

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