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Vint Hill Educational Services offers group classes for public and private schools. We offer group classes all year round. Classes can be customized depending upon what type of program the school is interested in: ACT Prep, SAT Prep, SSAT Prep, ISEE Prep, Academic Coaching, College Readiness, SAT Subject Tests, Essay Writing, Mock ACT, Mock SAT, Mock SSAT, Mock ISEE, plus more! There's no minimum registration requirement; we can accommodate any school, be it large or small. 

We offer group classes in the following metropolitan areas: Washington DC, Northern VA, Richmond VA, Fredericksburg VA, Charlottesville VACharlotte NC, and Raleigh NC


Sample SAT Prep Class 

Nine Week class 

Twenty-three total hours 

$395 per student 


SAT Prep Class Highlights

•    Our SAT prep class program includes full-length practice tests, weekly homework assignments, and 3 SAT prep course books (1 SAT math book, 1 SAT reading/writing/essay book, 1 SAT practice test book).

•    Baseline and post class full-length SAT practice tests, essay tests, and answer sheets are included. 

•    Each student will receive an initial baseline diagnostic PDF report that reveals SAT strengths and weaknesses.   

•    After the SAT class instructional sessions, each student will receive a post class diagnostic PDF report.  

•    The group prep class will include 7 instructional sessions and 2 full-length practice exams. 

Class Schedule

Session 1 – Baseline SAT Diagnostic (4.5 hours) We only use official SAT practice tests and each student gets a customized SAT report using our test scoring software (view sample report). 

Session 2 – SAT Math (2 hours) Problem solving and data analysis – percents, ratios, proportions, units and conversion, statistics, data relationships, data collection and conclusion. 

Session 3 – SAT Math (2 hours) Pre-Algebra through Algebra II – algebraic expressions, algebraic equations and inequalities, absolute value, systems of linear equations, slope, graphs of linear equations and inequalities, creating linear models, and interpreting linear models. 

Session 4 – SAT Math (2 hours) Advanced math and additional math topics – equations with fractions and exponents, equations with radicals, functions, quadratic equations, polynomials, nonlinear models, angles, triangles, circles, volume, complex numbers, and Trigonometry. 

Session 5 – SAT Reading (2 hours) Detail questions, main ideas, words in context, inference, analogous, and evidence. 

Session 6 – SAT Reading (2 hours) Point of view questions, purpose questions, structure questions, word choice, data graphics, and paired passages. 

Session 7 – SAT Writing (2 hours) Standard English conventions – pronouns, subject-verb agreement, comparisons, idioms, diction, fragments, run-ons, sentence structure, parallelism, modifiers, verb-tense, commas, semicolons, colons, and apostrophes. 

Session 8 – SAT Writing (2 hours) Expression of ideas – development, support, main idea, deletion, addition, organization, transition, wordiness, style, and data/informational graphics.  

Session 9 – Post Class SAT Diagnostic (4.5 hours) We only use official SAT practice tests and each student gets a customized SAT report using our test scoring software (view sample report).