SAT Scores and Schools

Most colleges and universities are preparing to accept both the current SAT and new SAT. This should last for a few years. The College Board will release specific guidelines for colleges and universities to use. Since the tests are two different assessments, a new SAT score will not be the same score on the current SAT.

The College Board will unveil new concordance tables in summer 2016. This is important because it lets us compare scores from the current SAT and new SAT. We will also be able to compare new SAT scores to ACT scores. Again, this won’t occur until summer 2016. In the meantime, we can still compare current SAT scores to ACT scores. However, the new concordance tables will allow for schools to use scores from all tests in order to make admission decisions. This means that students who take the current SAT can keep their college applications current, without having to take the SAT again.

SAT Score Choice will remain as it always has. If you take the SAT multiple times, you may choose which scores to send. All section scores from a chosen test date will be reported and used. This will follow each school’s known score-use practices. In the end, students and educators will have the necessary information they need to compare scores.