Get Ahead with Summer Test Prep

Students entering the summer, as soon to be seniors, will have the chance to take the ACT or SAT one last time. There is a September ACT and an October SAT that students can take. Students taking these tests will receive their scores back and can still apply for early decision or early action. This is usually due around November 1st. Our average score increase for our 12 session package is 4 ACT composite points and 230 total SAT points. 

Those entering the fall as sophomores and juniors; it is highly recommended to take a full-length practice ACT and SAT over the summer. Vint Hill Educational Services is offering free mock practice tests over the summer and into the fall. We can also send out the free practice tests to take at home. We will match up the scores to see which test the student is scoring higher on. All colleges and universities accept both the ACT and SAT. We can determine which test is best after a student takes one of each. We will then help the student prep for a spring test, by matching the individual up with the perfect tutor. 

We've found that completing full-length practice tests can help students:

  • Increase their composite and overall scores on the actual tests
  • Gain exposure to the tests and real-world test experience 
  • Find out which test is in line with their strengths (ACT or SAT)

Sign up for one of our group practice tests today! Or contact us to have the tests taken in-home.