6 Tips for College Visits

College visits are extremely important. The summer is a great time to schedule college visits. Finding the right fit can't be found by browsing school websites. You can't get the "feel" of a school without visiting the campus. You'll be spending a few years of your life there and thousands of dollars as well. Here are 6 tips to ensure your college visit is successful:

1. Dine in the food hall - Is the food good? Are there healthy choices? Most admissions representatives will give prospective students tickets for free meals in the dining halls.

2. Read campus bulletin boards - Please spend a few minutes reading the bulletin boards. These boards provide an easy way to see what the campus events are. 

3. Check things out on your own - The tour guide will show you the school's top highlights. Do yourself a favor and walk around for a bit. Try to get the complete picture of campus life and how it all comes together.

4. Schedule a meeting with a professor - You can see if the department's interests match your own. Be sure to ask about graduation requirements, research and internship opportunities, and average class size.

5. Spend the night - Many schools offer overnights, and nothing will give you a better sense of dorm life than spending the night. Your host can share all sorts of information. You'll also get a chance to ask questions to other students.

6. Chat with current students - Look for other students on campus and try to ask a few questions. These random conversations can provide insight about campus life that isn't included on the official tour. 

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